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I am looking for a creative , professional , enthusiast and smart worker.

I developped a mobile app design and it’s time to redesign completely the application.

I am looking for someone that with take the information given about the concept of the app and create the sitemap/structures/Information Architecture/User/Wireframe and functionalities of the flow of the app. Framework ,

I don’t need any designs or where the things should be but i need someone that will take the time and think of all the functionnalities that is required to make the app successful. Creating all the sitemap for exemple , the sign up , to to log in to all the functionalities and button required , where they will go when clicked , etc. Then i am a graphic designer myself and will do the design. But i am looking for the pearl to think of every little details and create a clear sitemap and wireframes flow with a list of all the functionalities required and where they connect to each other for exemple user and receiver

Let me know you have read the proposal

So the job needs are :
– Functionalities List
– Road Map (MVP)
– Information Architecture
– Wireframes

Budget: $300

Posted On: November 25, 2021 18:14 UTC
Category: UX/UI Design
Skills:Wireframing, User Flows, Interaction Design, Prototype, UX, User Interface Design, User Experience Design

Country: Canada

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