SHA256 Crypto Mining Hardware and Software Controller (Xilinx FPGA, ARM, ASICBoost) controller – Upwork

The work is split into two core and one optional parts:

First: to design an embedded controller board, with a central Xilinx SPARTAN-7 family FPGA and two or more ARM cores, with the necessary bitstream to achieve the following:

1. Control Bitmain’s BM1396/1397/1398 multi-core ASIC over I2C
2. Implement ASICBoost capability
3. Allow chaining of ASICS in groups
4. Allow chaining of control boards over TCP, such that hashing boards can be pooled across a number of controllers, appearing as one resource
4. Individually control ASIC parameters such as core voltage and frequency through a set of I2C commands
5. Fully document the hardware design
6. Generate the necessary schematics and PCB files in Eagle and Altium EDA
7. Validate the design, correct any errors and implement fixes


1. Implement the necessary firmware and kernel level drivers for the resulting board as a fully documented Yocto package
2. Integrate the result into the BFGMiner source code, and create the necessary fork in a private Github repository to allow building fully customisable boot images from (1) above and the newly augmented BFGMiner, assuming a both build and target architectures to be Linux, running the latest kernel code
3. Implement the necessary hooks in BFGMiner to allow ASICBoost functionality to be enabled
4. Create fully documented Makefiles

Third (optional):

1. Create a full administration and operation interface as an Angular webapp
2. Create a RESTful interface
3. Implement licensing and pay-per-use features

Hourly Range: $25.00-$45.00

Posted On: November 25, 2021 21:06 UTC
Category: Electronic Engineering
Skills:Hardware Design, C++, Embedded Linux, Multilayer PCB, Embedded C, PCB Design, Electronic Design, Microcontroller Programming, Circuit Design

Country: United Kingdom

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