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Looking for a Shopify developer to implement a homepage redesign on an existing storefront. We provide you with a Figma design, design assets, and store access.

### Notes on store:
– We have 2 stores, a Canadian Shopify Store and a Global Shopify Store. They’re identical.
– We only have 2 SKUs on the site for the time being
– Each SKU has its own product template to accommodate the specific content
– We’ve also made 2 templates to allow us to put the products on PRE-ORDER when we run out of inventory

### A. Home Page Update
The page should:
1. be fully responsive
2. match the design closely: fonts, spacing, etc.
3. use Sections: each distinct part of the page should be its own section
4. re-use existing Sections: many parts of the new page design are already implemented in
Sections elsewhere on the site. Copy and re-use these Sections (we’ll show you where they are).
5. re-use existing theme styles: the theme has many uniform styles for section padding, width, section headers, etc. When you can, add the class name to the element instead of writing custom styles for everything.
6. for each new Section you do create, make the section styles self-contained, so that we can copy and re-use that Section on other pages in the future (for example: nest styles under classes like `.whatever-my-section-is .my-section-element` instead of `.homepage .my-element`
7. use responsive image loader snippet provided by theme (`snippets/rimg.liquid`)
8. have all custom styles in `assets/theme.scss.liquid`, no inline css or style attributes

### B. Product Page Update

Fix issues on our Product Page
– One of our products has 6 variants (6 colors)
– Currently when you select a different color the  main image does not change.. it seems like something is wrong with the "Product Media" settings
– We also wan to display a message that tells the user their product has been added to the cart
– This needs to be done on both the PRE ORDER and REGULAR Product templates

### Notes:

– Timeline: project to be completed 1 week upon starting. Recommend submitting work for review within 3-4 days
– It’s more important to re-use existing code than to match the design style exactly
– Once the page is completed and approved, you’ll need to copy the relevant theme files to a sister store that are identical (we have 2 Shopify stores, one for Global and one for Canada)

### Required experience:

– Shopify theme development
– Responsive front-end development

Figma design provided upon request, design assets will be provided upon starting job.

If you’re interested in this job, please contact us to get started!

Budget: $200

Posted On: November 25, 2021 18:19 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:Shopify, Front-End Development, Web Programming, JavaScript, Shopify Templates, Shopify Theme, CSS, HTML

Country: Canada

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