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I Run a Phone Buying company that needs 1 individual to help in making listings, appraising products and data entry for all the  inventory I sell.

Job Details:
Workers will follow an exact video explaining how to do the required tasks
Work will use google sheets information to make eBay listings and mark as sold from sheet once customer has bought from ebay

Workers will receive a 1 Hour recorded video showing how to perform tasks
After a worker has basic understanding he/she will be hired and will work the first 1 hour under the guidance of the CEO.

Working Hours:
Hours will normally be 10:00AM to 4:00 AM CT Time

Expected working hours are around 5-8 hours weekly and will normally be Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

$5-$10 Hourly

Do not reach out if
Work another project 25 hours or more weekly
Have less than 90% success rate on upwork
Have 1 or more reviews below 3 stars
Have less than 1,000 in earnings or less than 100 total hours
looking to stay less than 6 months
Have no upwork job experience
Have no google sheets/Excel sheets experience
Have not had another upwork job for 1 months or more

Contact/Applying for Job

FIll out a job application and if you’re a fit we will reach out to you.

Hourly Range: $4.00-$10.00

Posted On: November 25, 2021 18:17 UTC
Category: Order Processing
Skills:Bookkeeping, Inventory Management, Data Entry

Country: United States

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