Verypfying internal measurent units mounted on a pendelum – Upwork

I need an Arduino Program that allows an arduino to communicate with 2 MPU6050. The acceleration and angular position needs to be visible on a graph and the 2 MPUs need to be compared to each other. Programs that can do that already exist free on the internet i however need to compare the 2 MPU results to  angular position sensor to verify the results.
The sensors should be mounted on a pendulum.
Also a way to start and stop the measurements needs to be implemented. (Pressing a button for example)

Posted On: November 25, 2021 20:09 UTC
Category: Electronic Engineering
Skills:Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi, PCB Design, AWS IoT Core, LoRa, Microcontroller, Electronics, BLE, Arduino, Digital Electronics, Hardware Design, ARM Microcontrollers, Device Firmware, Embedded C

Country: Czech Republic

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