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WEBSITE AND APPLICATION DEVELOPER is a team of dynamic, motivated and friendly individuals who seek to solve a problem through their company’s activities. is therefore – first-  a spirit of friendship.

But is also a technology startup. It is an online Marketplace.
Its goal is to be a 1-stop Online Shop and Business Directory mostly – but not exclusively –  for informal and C2C (client-to-client)  African clients globally. is working to become a web platform that provides security at several levels :

Suppliers’ reliability,  
Payment security and
Customized delivery
The platform is also a Business Directory for those suppliers who are unlisted anywhere else regardless of size.
Therefore, shall make it possible to allow intercontinental transactions. is a startup that needs to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in order to generate revenue and then attract investors on the basis of that MVP.

Right now, we need a Website and App Developer to make our website and App function properly with a payment system and a commission deduction per transaction  for as well as maintain a proper record of all our Functional Requirements Specifications, Wireframes and Codes.

Responsibilities of the developer :

    • Collaborate with management to develop and implement a fully working website and app (both Android and iOs)
    • Evaluate the codes of the current website and app and then propose recommendations for a payment system (Paypal, local mobile payments, Visa, Mastercard ) and a commission per transaction for to be integrated  
    • Take into account the fact that the website and app need to be scalable for further improvements or additional services such as courier and freight-forwarding deliveries to the clients
    • Establish, maintain and increase the quality of the current website and app
    • Seek opportunities to enhance the performance of the website and app
    • Maintain records of  Functional Requirements Specifications, Pages Wireframes, and all  codes
    • The records of the Functional Requirements Specifications, Pages Wireframes and codes shall be the property of and shall be provided to Dadorg Group   
    • Advise on the best ways forward

Responsibilities of :
    • Dadorg shall duly provide all the information and tools required to the Developer in order to perform her/his tasks.  
    • Dadorg shall offer the Developer a payment scheme that will have been agreed upon by both parties – in writing – prior to her/his starting the tasks at hand.

Required Qualifications of the developer :
The ideal candidate should :
    • be genuinely interested in and believe in our idea / vision and in the Marketplace we’re trying to build
    • have strong knowledge of the tools to draft Functional Requirements Specifications, draft Webpages Templates Wireframes Diagrams, as well as the related code  
    • study or have the equivalent knowledge of coding in the various languages that are relevant to website and app development.
    • understand the importance of scalability as courier and freight-forwarding deliveries towards the clients shall need to be integrated later to the website and app (both Android and iOs)
    • have mastery of  the English language for clear communication purposes
    • have the ability to work from home

Duration  :
As required to complete the tasks

Place of work :
From home and occasionally in the office if need be
Virtual meetings and sometimes in the office

Start of  this Project :
As soon as possible

For more information, please contact :

Aziz Koulibaly
Executive director
[email protected]

Hourly Range: $5.00-$12.00

Posted On: November 26, 2021 12:27 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:PayPal, Stripe, Worldpay, Ecommerce Platform Development

Country: Denmark

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