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Hi There and thank you for reviewing this post!

We are a startup and trying to prototype a product to validate a need we are exploring with a small user group.

I need a site that:
1. Has below functions
2. Looks great and is easy to interact with.

I do NOT need:
1. A site that is designed very well(as we will rebuild it once we get validated)
2. We will not connect this to any features outside of webflow
3. We do not need the site to be responsive. Desktop/laptop screen is good enough.
4. I do not need a header or footer as this will not be part of a live site
We want something quickly, we can give to our users and say "Is this the idea you were thinking?"

Here are the details:
1. Company Goals page(form):
A company will be able to enter their goal and Current progress.
Current revenue – $1 (number)
Goal Revenue – $10 (number)
Description of the goal (text)

2. Company project page(form):
A company will enter the projects they will undertake to get to that goal, they should be able to create multiple projects.
Project Name: make money project (text)
Project Revenue forecast: $5 (number)
Project description: Build 100 widgets to make the world a better place (text)
Project goal: 100 (number) (in this case it’s 100 widgets)
Current progress: 5 (number)
Current update date: 1/1/2021 (date)
(they will be able to add more updates in on progress over different times)

3. Company funding page.
Company will list loans and associate them to projects
1. Loan id: 1 (number)
2. Description: loan to fund project to build office (text)
3. Projects part of loan: List of project ID’s above that are part of the loan (list of projects id)

4. Investor dashboard
Invest can come in and see the loans they have with a company. They see the projects those loans are connected to and they see the progress on this projects and how it’s contributing to the overall goal of the company.

The goal here is the investor doesn’t just want a company to say they want to make billions of dollars, they want to know what things they will do to get there. What the outcome of those things are and how it will connect to them making money.  Think of it like a TODO list for a company.

I think the form isn’t challenging and DB is not hard(first 3 pages above are very similar and can be duplicated then change the form info), I think the challenge will be to make the dashboard and UI look good to get the idea across. I am attaching a PDF for inspiration.  I want someone to make this look good and get the idea across.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Hourly Range: $12.00-$50.00

Posted On: November 26, 2021 13:15 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Usability Testing, User Research, Webflow, Prototype

Country: Canada

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