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Please read the complete description before replying.

Zbulo is a Tirana-based incoming tour operator specialized in adventure and responsible travel. Private and small group departures focused on hiking, biking and ski-touring in rural areas of Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.

– Create a page for active travelers to find inspiration, information and travel services.
– Enable users to book those travel services smoothly without leaving the page.
– Make it as easy as possible for visitors to contact us for inquiries and questions.
– Help potential / current customers to answer FAQ outside office hours / in self service.
– Designed to measure conversion rates, landing page success, CTRs and more.
– Setup to minimize manual interaction to update content that exists elsewhere already.

This job suits an agency or team best as multiple roles need to be filled. A group of freelancers may apply jointly, too.
– graphic, UI and UX design
– frontend web design
– backend web development for Airtable/API integration
– SEO optimization

Beyond the generic wish for an intuitive to use, mobile first and responsively designed, SEO optimized website with a well crafted sales funnel and customer journey, smooth booking flow and running at top notch page speed (less 3s), we do have some special requests. 🙂

Especially important is a seamless workflow to add and update content on the page, for that we prefer to use Airtable. The goal is:
– No copy/pasting info/content from an existing source to the website or vice versa.
– No logging into the website to change/update information that exists already elsewhere.
– User input is transferred via webhook/automation into accessible storage (Airtable/Sheets)(Airtable/Sheets)

1. Platform: WordPress, Webflow-based (too limited?) or anything else as per your suggestion
2. Airtable serves as a “CMS” by providing data for the page (one-way sync)
    – Serves as single source of truth, all content is handled in one place (similar to a PIM)
    – Airtable provides products, descriptions, media (URL), pricing and availability to the page
    – Page send forms/webhooks data back to Airtable & CRM
3. Custom post types and fields that sync with Airtable
    – Types: Tours, Reviews, Guides, Departures
    – Fields: Large number to be mapped with Airtable
4. Online booking flow: Custom or based on WooCommerce…?
    – Gather guest details: lead booker and add-ons (currently used Jotform)
    – Integration of payment gateways (CC, PayPal and manual option)
    – Upsell addons and services
    – Embeddable in external pages / channels (not only used on our website)
5. Client/partner login to view/create/edit data from Airtable
6. Knowledge base linked to live chat widget:
    – Chat surfaces FAQ answers, may use Drift, MessageBird or other omnichannel tool
    – Are the free/lower cost alternatives similar to Gitbook and Intercom?
    – Are there board alternatives to Discourse?
7. Blog: Medium like or example

Important details about scope and page templates are in the document below. Please comment with your questions on it. https://paper.dropbox.com/doc/Website–BW3Q84hXZkQU6LG8na_8J0D2Ag-2iOMtMS8MpukF0MGAvghB

– You’re the experts and tell us how things should be done, not vice versa.
– Clear, concise and responsive communication in a single collaborative place.
– Capacity to commit at least 20 hours per week, preferably more.
– Strong commitment to complete tasks within a jointly created timeline.
– Attention to detail and ability to think out of the box.
– Clean, commented and timeless code that doesn’t become a liability tomorrow.

1. Chat us up to ask questions and discuss details or scope.
2. Deliver a final and complete financial offer by December 3rd (deadline)!
3. Start work in the second half of December. (We rely on external approval and the timing is not in our control)
4. Complete work within three months of starting date. The idea is to go online much earlier and leave time for testing and fine-tuning.

*** Please apply only if you have previously completed similar projects (provide references), understand the scope of work and are confident to complete it as per the requirements outlined above. ***

Budget: $10,000

Posted On: November 26, 2021 11:19 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Website, SEO, Responsive Design, Webflow, WordPress, Airtable, Web Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Graphic Design

Country: Albania

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