Solidity & Web3 Developer

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Strong programming skills in Solidity in order to be able to develop, design, and write secure smart contracts.
Knows how to utilize Web3 libraries to integrate front-end with smart contracts that are going to be deployed in different EVM chains.
Motivation in taking part in the building of a high-potential project, ability to communicate properly and in fluent English.

What do we need:

Building a Launchpad smart contract that allows whitelisted people to swap their stablecoins (ex. USDT) for the tokens of a launched project.
Building a Launchpool staking contract that gives tokens as a reward for the staking.
Building an NFT Minting contract that allows whitelisted people to mint a fixed number of NFTs.

General Information

Salary: $50.000 – $100.000 (yearly) +/or token options
Position: Work on commission basis / Part-time (very flexible)
Location: Remote
Time-zone preference: GMT/CET

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