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Hi Paul,
my name is Thaddäus van Doesburg and I am a musician from Herne, Germany.

My goal is, to build a modular MIDI-Controller-System, which can work in a lot of different cases. For example, as a DMX-Controller, as a DAW-Controller, as a complete Mixer/ Audiointerface (later project) so on, so on.

The idea is to have on system to control everything on a gig or in the studio with pluggable parts which are connected to one Maincontroller.

– Top Row:
 8 Buttons with Background RGB LED
(thought about ws2812 Smd´s but if you have an better idea… no problem)
– Display:
 “Buttons” with RGB TFT Backgrounddisplay e.g.: “Elgato Stream Deck” (size not fixed). Idea is to use the Touchcapability as Buttontrigger.

– Under the display:
 4 Backgroundlighted Encoders

– Vertical Row of RGB LEDs as an indicator for a
– Touch Strip (e.g.: Native Instruments “Maschine Jam”)

Between the 6 Buttons on each site:
 1 Backgroundlighted Encoder with RGB LED Ring around.

(e.g.: MainModul)

 2 Versions: 1 with Motorfader, 1 without. No idea, if a motorfader is manageable regarding to the powerconnection.

Every Button and Encoder should be RGB backgroundlighted.
The faderlength should be 100mm.

RGB Encoder Datasheet:

The Mainmodul should have an USB connection (Ethernet, DMX, etc. should be addable with later moduls) which allows the system to communicate via for example Midi with the appropriate programs.

Do you can help me with the full developing of this idea?
What I need:
– Full Component choose (uC´s, Resistors, LEDs etc.)
– Complete Powersupply and Interfacedesign
– PCB Design

(Software, Case/ Frontplate will be mine part/ I´ll find someone else)

I look forward to your reply
Thaddäus van Doesburg

Posted On: December 28, 2021 21:18 UTC
Category: Electronic Engineering
Skills:PCB Design, Device Firmware, Electrical Engineering, Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA), Power Electronics, Systems Engineering, Altium Designer, Firmware Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Hardware Prototyping, Analog Circuits, Electronic Circuit Design, Electronics, Circuit Design

Country: Germany

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