Heat Cable Slo-Start PWB Design and Schematic – Upwork

This is the circuit for a pipe heating cable slo-start device.  Tasks are as follows:

1.  Redraw the schematic
2. Create a PWB and Gerber files suitable for PWB ordering
The PWB must be no wider than 70mm and no higher than 50mm.
The mounting holes are on the bottom using two 7mm brackets and the mounting hole is 3mm in diameter. The mounting area is isolated from the circuit and free of any copper. Just use the two bottom corners. J1 and J2 are JST board mount solder connectors. The JST specification is attached.
Two sided 1 mm copper with through plated holes.
Leave adequate spacing between 5V DIS and 5V GND for isolation. Notice there are seven signal lines on an eight pin connector so use the blank pin to isolate the 5V signals from the remaining lines.
You pick the location of the connectors and the pin numbers.
All traces are low power, Most are 5MA although the output of Q1 Collector R7 to Gate pin is 100MA MAX.
Label all components and J1 and J2 signal names.
1.  Schematic file in CAD.  I use KICAD but any suitable CAD file I can read with a viewer is fine.
2.  Gerber files for PWB manufacture
3.  Physical PWB images so I can check the traces.

Please provide and ESTIMATE and SCHEDULE

Hourly Range: $15.00-$50.00

Posted On: December 30, 2021 15:16 UTC
Category: Electronic Engineering
Skills:PCB Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics

Country: United States

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