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Are you a great teacher who loves teaching? Are you an expert in teaching chemistry to undergraduates? Are you good at making engaging lessons to keep students engaged? Are you well versed in English and one other language?

If your answer is yes, we’ve got a great opportunity for you. Carefully read and evaluate the syllabus attached to this job description. You need to be already familiar with teaching them. Once you’re done reading it, please review the below section carefully and thoroughly.

To do this, you will be using an illustrated approach (we have a simple framework you can follow to do this). You will be using short and precise simple spoken english. We may ask you to exclude or replace certain terms for translation purposes. The lesson should be prepared in Micro Learning format.

The final product will be a well polished slide deck produced under certain quality controls and guidelines with references or depictions of illustrations. It will contain between 15-40 slides with at most 5 sentences per slide with a one illustration reference per slide. The content should be creative, definitive and include examples. We will ask you to review a translated version of the slides for errors. Illustrations may be used between two slides if there are indicators which guide attention (e.g. arrows, highlights). Further details upon proposal.

If you are interested, please submit a simple proposal in the following format:

Imagine a slide deck with the full lesson, but you will only be creating the first, last and one other slide of your choice. We will be evaluating your English, subject matter expertise and the ability to arouse the curiosity of the student.
The 3 slides may contain only one image per slide and no slide styling or backgrounds whatsoever.
These slides should have ideally 5 sentences or less.
Enclose all keywords / glossary terms with a backquote ` symbol. (e.g. `Atomic Mass`).
These slides will only be used by us if you are choses (unless some other applicant follows a similar content).


Electromagnetic Radiation
Energy and it’s Transmission
Electric and Magnetic Fields
Electromagnetic Spectrum and it’s ranges with examples
Examples of Radio, Ultraviolet, Visible, X Ray, Y Ray, Microwave, Infrared, Radar).

Budget: $70

Posted On: December 31, 2021 14:34 UTC
Category: Chemistry

Country: Singapore

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