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We require a motion graphics video

New Year’s Resolution 2022

Getting healthier is one of the most common goals at the start of a new year.

Creating a clean and germ-free environment for yourself and your family will help to avoid sickness and allow you to better maintain and achieve your goals for a healthier lifestyle.

After all, this past year with COVID-19 has made everyone more aware of bacteria and germs and the importance of sanitization.

Use sanitising wipes to:

• Clean and disinfect high traffic areas in your home and office.
such as the kitchen sink, cutting boards, doorknobs, light switches, AC thermostat, desks, computer keyboards, etc.

• Clean your cell phones, tablets, and car keys, often. We touch our phones constantly throughout the day and they are one of the largest carriers of germs that we come into contact with daily.

Create a no shoes policy in the house. Where you go, your shoes go. Germs and other things stick to the bottoms of your shoes. When you walk into your house these bacteria invade your home. Removing your shoes at the door will help keep these germs from spreading and coming into your house.

this will be a test for monthly requirements.

Budget: $10

Posted On: December 31, 2021 14:22 UTC
Category: Motion Graphics
Skills:Video Editing, Animation, Video Production, Motion Graphics, Adobe Premiere Pro, 2D Animation

Country: Kazakhstan

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