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Please do not give me any information that could be an answer or a solution to my project. Just tell me why you can do the job best and why I must choose you. I will not pay any money to anyone until I have a contract.

With that said here is the task:

I need a home page / app for the following functions:

I will have some pages with some text (probably also pictures or/and links to YouTube videos). The visitors will have the following possibilities / alternatives:

1. They will have the possibility to recommend the site to someone else either anonymously or by giving their names and/or email addresses

2. they will have the possibility to send a message to me, without the possibility to discover my name or my email address.

3. they will have the possibility to comment the page

4. and they will have the possibility to comment a comment. In this case the levels of the comments can be up to 5-6 levels. For example, A comments the page. B comments A. A comments back that comment of B etc… up to 5-6 levels.

Say C jumps in and comments A or B. The new thread starting with C continues also 5-6 levels.

To summarize: every new comment starts a new thread, and that thread continues 5-6 levels.

Again, please don’t give me any information Which can be an answer or a solution to the task. Just tell me why you think you are the best person to do this job and why I should choose you. And of course, you tell me how much you want to get paid for it.
Give me price for the project, not price per hour.

When I code my sites (I have a couple), I usually code from the scratch. I don’t use WordPress. But you can use WordPress if you want to, under the condition that you find suitable themes and especially plugins that work accordingly.

Posted On: January 01, 2022 10:53 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:MySQL, Apache HTTP Server, SEO, PHP, Web Programming, WordPress, HTML, Web Design

Country: Sweden

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