NGO needs support with auditing workflows for local initiatives data collection and standardise them – Upwork

We are a NGO, trying to make the lives easier for local initiatives in conflict zones, mainly automatising workflows for Monitoring and Evaluation / Reporting so that people on the ground can focus on their work instead of paperwork. We are creating bots and a Webapp tailored for local users.

## Problem statement

Our (mostly arabic speaking) Team created workflows on Miro which are as an outsider (for developers) are hard to understand.

## Proposed work

– Reviewing the (8) workflows, interviewing the team ( 6+ People) to get a full understanding and creating workflows where information is missing
– Identifying and clarifying gaps and creating standardised clean processes (using voiceover) so an (english speaking) developer could pick up from there
– Create a list of which documents and documentation is missing and requirements

## Requirements

– Experience in creating clean workflows and working with Miro software
– Sufficient in documentation presentation and using illustrations

Budget: $400

Posted On: January 01, 2022 08:50 UTC
Category: UX/UI Design
Skills:User Flows, User Research, Miro, Presentation, Workflow

Country: Germany

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