Privacy Door System Kit (PDS) For Disable Automatic Toilet Door – Upwork

Design Disable Automatic Toilet Door PCB board

The PDS provides solutions for disabled access to toilets, showers and parents rooms, meeting rooms

The PDS consists of 2 surface mount compliant switch plates, a control board, and all required cabling and accessories.

Operation & Connection

Simple to use operation

When the vacant green indicator is illuminated press the external “Push to Open” button to activate and open the door. Reed switch change state to open (all control signal must be from reed switch )

Enter wait door to close(reed switch close contact ) and press the “Push to Lock” button to secure the door
(Outside button is switched off and the “Occupied” red indicator is now illuminated). To exit simply press the “Push to Open” button (resets reed change to open, green LED ON)
Features & Functions

Duress Input / Output

Duress input / output (optional)

A duress button can be fitted (connected to duress input) if required. When pressed an output (LED/alarm / BMS) can be provided from the controller board (duress out 12vdc or relay).

Emergency Override (optional with dipswitch 1)

Built-in or key switch override for use in emergency

Pressing and holding the external button for 20 seconds will unlock and open the door in an emergency.

An external override key switch (SK3) 3 Position Key Switch
1_ key switch Automatic door will work as normal
2_Key switches in lock mode Normally close contact change to open to cut signal from Entry push button so Toilet is out of order outside button will be disabled any press on it (alarm )  speaker will sound toilet out of order Yellow led light will be flashing
3_ key switch on open Mode door will stay fully open as activation signal will hold on to keep the door open

Activation Signal
Normally open contact change to close when activated (Dry Contact)

Lock Signal
Normally open/close contact change when door lock (Dry Contact)

Out of order Key switch
Normally close contact change to open to cut signal from Entry push button so Toilet is out of order
Fully open Key switch
Normally open contact change to close  to hold activation signal to keep door Open
Automatic mode Key Switch
no signle to be send to board from key switch

design simple as

Entry push button   (outside of toilet push button Green)
Exit push button      (Inside of toilet push button Green)
Lock push button    (Inside of toilet push button Red)
key switch 3 position

led lights (state of the toilet  occupied or vacant (green or red ) )
Green led light on toilet available vacant
Red led light on the toilet not available occupied
Yellow led light flashing when it on (out of service led light )

lock relay:- normally open  NO relay output (Lock Signal )
activation relay:- to send activation puls to open the door (Activation Signal)

Posted On: January 01, 2022 07:01 UTC
Category: Electronic Engineering
Skills:PCB Design, Altium Designer, Circuit Design, Eagle, Embedded Systems, C++, KiCad, Product Design, Integrated Circuit, IoT Solutions Design, Engineering Design, Bluetooth, Electronic Circuit Design

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