Metadata Inc.: Cloud Operations Engineer

Headquarters: Denver, USA


In this position, the CloudOps Engineer will administrate or participate in administration of Metadata’s cloud infrastructure and handle day-to-day cloud operations tasks. In addition, the CloudOps Engineer will be expected to collaborate with other departments (engineering, security and compliance) to ensure Metadata’s Cloud Infrastructure meets their requirements and serves their needs while maintaining industry standards for security and compliance.

Educational Requirements
Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or information technology

Experience Requirement
3 to 5 yrs of industry experience in Cloud Operations


Collaborate with engineering team to understand and document the platform and infrastructure requirements to host applications
Development and delivery of provisioning and maintenance code for Metadata’s cloud infrastructure (IaC)
Maintaining and monitoring of
Intrusion detection and prevention frameworks
Auditing and alerting frameworks
Automating day-to-day operations like
Metrics / Event based alerting
Production system health checks
Backups and snapshots etc.
Collaborate with engineering team to build and maintain an efficient CI/CD pipeline for Metadata applications
Security updates and patches
Collaborate with security and compliance department to define, document and practise the necessary processes and procedures

Skills Required

Good technical knowledge and conceptual understanding of
Linux OS
Container and Container Orchestration Platforms
Cloud Platforms
Infrastructure and web application security
Observability (monitoring and alerting)
Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery Model
Comfortable with scripting languages such as
Hands-on experience in the following areas is required
Infrastructure Administration using IaC (AWS + Terraform preferred)
Kubernetes cluster management
CI/CD Frameworks + Automation
Provisioning, configuration and deployment automation tools / frameworks (Ansible, Chef, Puppet, or SaltStack)
Certifications and hands-on experience with AWS is highly desired
Ability to multitask, prioritize, coordinate, work well under pressure and meet deadlines
Excellent written and verbal communication skills, interpersonal and collaborative skills
Must be able to and willing to work independently with minimal amount of supervision

To apply:

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