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Firstly, this is a website on .onion (because privacy)
So the first part is a log in where only an admin (me) can make the users, and there is an admin login. Then you get sent to the homepage. Also before the login page, the index.html (default for what i had) redirected you to the .onion link to prevent people from joining using the ip address. The main page just has some customizable text and images. Then I need a few subpages (I will probably add more in the future): 1) some kind of live video streaming, where one person can stream (mostly used for me to help the others with homework), it should have a live chat. 2) A media sharing chat. made for photo and video, and 3)  a place where I can post tutorials on things to do with IT (we are all learning IT security). All this should be able to be on TOR (so no user data available), and usernames for chat are from the login page. Add possibility to add more extra pages later (since once I get more ideas we will add more)  The server that is hosting the website is running fedora 35 x64 linux

Budget: $50

Posted On: January 14, 2022 19:03 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Web Programming, HTML

Country: Spain

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