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Flutter app for sending form data

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Register Now ( As a customer or As Truck Owner )
user can register with mobile number using OTP

form data


3 Post a Load

Name or Company
Mobile Number
Source Location and Destination location
get both location via map
Pickup Date
Vehicle Type ( Drop Down)
Material Type
Aprox Weight Type KGs or Tons


Truck Owner

Name or Company
Mobile Number
No. Trucks
Truck Type

Above form data view in admin web panel
Admin can view add edit enquiry generate by app

Posted On: January 15, 2022 17:04 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
Skills:PHP, Flutter, Phone, Hybrid, User Profile Creation, Location, Push Notifications, React, Ionic Framework, React Native, MySQL, Business with 1-9 Employees, Android, Dart, iOS, Tablet, Mobile App Development, User Authentication

Country: India

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