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Hello! My name is Adam, from AAA smoke and vape wholesale. Im looking for assistance with uploading products, writing captions for these products and sourcing the photos of these products. All you would need is: A basic understanding of shopify, the ability to write product descriptions, good time management/profficency skills, the ability to search google for the hq product images and use of an app or tool that will allow you to remove the background on the product images before uploading them.

How would this work? Ideally, I would prefer to speak with you over the phone to go over everything before beginning the project, however it’s not an absolute neccisity. I would then give you access to my companies website, with user premissions that would allow you to accomplish the task. Next I would email you a list of all the products that I need uploaded. After recieving the list, you would create the product listings and propegate them with: descriptions, hq photos of the product on a transparent background and tags for relevant key terms in relation to the product. You don’t need to edit the price or inventory quantity, I will handle that when reviewing your work. Then, you would just need to make a collection for the products you’ve just entered. After you’ve completed, I would just double check that everything has been done correctly and that’s it!

How long should this take? There is roughly 200 products (give or take) that need to be uploaded. Typically, when I was the one doing this myself, 500 products would take me around 4 hours. The rate that I chose for this project was $10.00 an hour for 5 hours. I wanted to give you ample time to complete the project so I over estimated on the amount of products and the amount of time this should take. This should realisticly be able to be completed in only 3-4 hours of un interrupted work.

                                                                        Check List!

Step 1:  Call or facetime, not a neccesity if you understand the project (or unless you just don’t feel comfortable).

Step 2: I would get your email address to create you a username and password, so that you can have access to the website.

Step 3: I would email you a list of all the products that need to be uploaded to our site via a google docs spreadsheet. This will majority of the product info that your gonna need. Then I would send a google drive with images of all the products

Step 4: You would begin creating your first product you would just input all the product data from the spreadsheet and then you would go into the drive I sent and find the image. Make sure you enter in all the data that I provide.

Step 5: When you finish creating the products, double check your work.

Frequently asked quentions:
Should vape juice that has multiple flavors be entered as their own product or multiple variants?  (*A*)- Their own product

Should the brand name be in the products actual name? ie: (The product is Gush by Candy king.) (*A*) The product name would be Candy King Gush.

For vape juice how do I add the the different mg’s? ie (Gush by Candy King comes in 3mg’s and 6mg’s.) (*A*) You would create the product and name it Candy King Gush, and then add the mg’s as variants on the product.

What if I can’t find a picture for the product? (*A*) Create the product anyways, and let me know before I do the final review of your work.

Do the pictures in a brand collection need to match? (*A*) Yes! You should make sure your finding images that look identical to the rest of the products in that brand.

Thank you,
  Adam Torres

  (On behalf of AAA Smoke &
    Vape Wholesale)

Budget: $60

Posted On: January 15, 2022 16:55 UTC
Category: Data Entry
Skills:Data Entry, Research, Product Listings, Shopify, Ad Copy

Country: United States

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