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Hello, my name is Adam Torres. Im head of marketing and run our online experience at AAA Smoke & Vape Wholesale. I need assistance with updating every product page on our website. I would give you most of the info you would need to update these products. I say most, becuase you will be responsable for writing custom product descriptions which i’m not going to provide. I will send all the info I have in a google docs spread sheet & a google drive for the images. You would need to be familiar with editing products on shopify and data entry. You would need to be able to complete this in 2 days from the start date.

What exactly are this jobs duties?
1. Write custom product descriptions for every product.(you can google the products to get a description, *DO NOT COPY WRITE*)
2. Make sure every product has images.
3. Make sure every product has related tags.
4. Make sure every product has a weight and size entered (if I didn’t have the weight and size in the documents you can find it online)
5. Make sure every product is in the right collection.
6. Make sure all th product names are right.
7. Make sure every product has the right variants uploaded if not, then you’ll need to update them.
8. Make sure all spelling & punctuation are correct.
9. Make sure each product type is correct.
10. Make sure every product price is updated.
11. Make sure minimum order quantity is updated.

Once your done I will double check your work and get you paid! This project should realistically only take 6 to 7 hours but I am giving you 2 days after the start date to complete the project. Thank you !

Budget: $55

Posted On: January 15, 2022 16:45 UTC
Category: Data Entry
Skills:Product Listings, Data Entry, Shopify, Product Descriptions, Product Research

Country: United States

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