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FitPros DAO is an online group of internationally certified fitness professionals charged with tackling the second global pandemic of "dis-ease" and providing help for the less fortunate. Globally millions of people are stressed, eating unhealthy, socially disconnected, not exercising properly,  as well as a host of other mentally taxing obstacles.  We believe the current health, wellness, and fitness model does not tackle the root cause of people’s problems.  
Currently, wellness providers only offer a singular approach to wellness; if you are a yoga teacher, you do Yoga; Zumba = Zumba, personal trainer, = personal trainer. Clients need various tools and resources to help them; gone are the days of a "one-size" fits all training approach. Additionally, clients need to have access to all these resources no matter where they live,  with nothing more than an internet connection and a willingness to learn.  This is where our blockchain model of “turning wellness into wealth” comes into play
We created a "Get Health, Give Help" business model where clients with the means and access to focus on wellness-derived initiatives can do so, which enables us to use the proceeds to donate to charitable organizations and help the impoverished globally.
We are a startup and looking to expand our team with energetic and creative results-driven talent. As such, we are looking for a talented Web 3 Blockchain developer that is reliable, responsive and can execute the following tasks with precision.
Setup the mint website using our unstoppable domain fitproscure.crypto
Enable mint function for base nft  which will support 50-100 identical NFT’s
Set up / enable functionality for marketplace on Immutable x marketplace
Include ability for royalties to be split between 2 wallets allocations
Create crypto rewards token to be paid out based on various inncetives and milestones
We will be focusing on the mentioned objectives first but if we find that you’re a great candidate then we would love to have you work with us long term. Please let me know the rate and time frame for this project. We have a long term vision for this project that will be integrated with an existing blue-chip crypto project, so there is plenty of room to grow with our team.
1. Atleast 3 years of experience in Web 3 and Solidity Development
2. Knowledge in NFTs, Cryptos and Smart Contracts
3. Hands on experience in using any of the languages- Solidity, Golang, JavaScript, NodeJS
4. Knowledge of DeFi system through the Ethereum blockchain
5. Working knowledge of at least one of the Blockchain frameworks such as Hyperledger, DAMI, Ethereum(solidity)
6. Previous projects youve worked with that have had similar launches

Note: We’re very keen on following our roadmap and release dates. We would like to work with someone that can give us their full attention so that we can be on time and can launch as soon as possible.

Posted On: May 15, 2022 00:57 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Web Design, Web Application, API Integration, Java, Blockchain, JavaScript, Node.js, Ethereum, API

Country: Cambodia

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