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We have connect our smart contract with the UI which is already build in react. A brief explanation in provided below:

The user provides their Binance address to our smart contract. The token lock is deployed with that address and the token allocation, the vesting period, and the start of the vesting period provided. The token lock is loaded up with tokens. After the start of the vesting period the user can submit transactions to the token lock to withdraw their tokens.

this all requires backend knowledge – submitting the right function calls using Remix, Etherscan, or Hardhat. So the requirements are that:

a) the token locks can be deployed using a web3 website by an admin and
b) the users can log in to the web3 website, connect their wallet, and be shown which token locks they have tokens in, and how many have vested, and
c) if there are vested tokens, they can withdraw them to their wallet.

If the user has tokens and wants to transfer them, they do that themselves with their wallet, not with the website.

Budget: $300

Posted On: May 15, 2022 00:48 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:JavaScript, React, Solidity, Smart Contract, web3.js

Country: Canada

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