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I have been approached by a number of investors but I would much rather not take the money from someone who will never do anything and instead have a business partner.

I have an idea that will be HUGE but I need to get it moving, I have started my next funding round, and honestly, it’s averaging around half a million so far. But what I am looking for is someone who has a team of developers who will build my app & website for 30% shares in my company.

This means that if I get the half a million investment, 30% of it is yours, and going forward 30% of the business will be yours forever.

We will be business partners but your only job is to build the app and website, then maintain it with improvements over the years and add-ons.

Here is a brief idea about the project and the MASSIVE potential it is if you get on board:

1. Seedlegal Fund Raising Profile – 
2. Pitch Deck – 
3. Financial Report  – 
4. Upseeks walkthrough – 

I will send you much more to get you excited if you are interested.

Budget: $123,456

Posted On: June 24, 2022 06:11 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
Skills:Web Development, Web Design, iOS, CSS, Android

Country: United Arab Emirates

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